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About Us

Hi my name is Alan Williams, together with my wife Adele welcome to Outback Red.

Outback Red is the end-point of a journey that began in 1996 in the historic small town of York, 100 kilometres from Perth. In those days, we ran an emu and ostrich farm on the outskirts of town and concentrated on developing a range of by-products from the birds including leather wallets and handbags, cosmetics and soap from emu oil, and of course, carved emu eggs, all made by us or by local craftspeople. These were sold from our first shop - a converted tin feed shed on the farm property.

It was through our experience in the shed that our philosophy was established. We wanted all of the goods that we sold to be of the highest quality and to be Australian made.

As time went by, we realised that selling high quality product from a tin shed just did not work so we moved the retail side of the business to a small shop in nearby York. With this slight change in direction, we also realised that we needed to supplement our stock with a wider choice. To put this in place, Adele went off to the Eastern States to find new and unusual items from other small Australian operators/companies.

Whilst we enjoyed our time in York, we soon found that we had outgrown our small shop and, taking a huge risk, this couple from the country decided to try our hand at retail in the big city. And so our association with Outback Red began in 2001 And here we are many years later, still maintaining our belief and confidence in high quality Australian made iconic products, along with lesser known but still uniquely Australian clothing and gift lines.

Adele and I pride ourselves on having one of the largest collections of UGG boots from some of the most reputable and experienced companies in Australia. We are even designing our own styles these days and these new models are often influenced by feedback from our customers. Adele is always on the lookout for new ideas for designs so please share your thoughts with her.

So, as you can see, it has been an interesting journey. We have covered some kilometres, we’ve learn't a lot and we are still learning. We are extremely proud to be one of the few locally and family owned businesses operating in central Perth. We love meeting and talking to our customers be they local people, country folk or visitors from interstate or overseas and we love offering a wide range of quality product to meet our customers’ needs.

But, most of all, we love to see a satisfied customer walk out of Outback Red, happy with their purchase and armed with the knowledge that their purchase will stand the test of time.

Now that the digital world is here you can shop with us whenever you like and where ever you are, the world really is a small place. So many of you leave Perth to return home to either overseas , interstate or back to the bush and just can’t get back to the shop in Plaza Arcade. So here is the opportunity to keep in touch. I hope you like our web page and please let us know your thoughts and comments

Adele and Alan Williams

A True Australian
100% Australian made, a genuine Akubra hat is crafted from pure fur felt and enjoys world wide acclaim for its high standard of workmanship
Driza-Bone - Barmah - RM Williams
Take a look at our diverse range of Iconic Australian brands: Drizabone , RM Williams , Rossi Boots, Barmah and Akubra Hats: these represent some of the very best that Australia has to offer
Australian Made
The modest Ugg Boot has come a long way since its popularity took off amongst the surfers in the 1960’s. Exciting colours and styles have been developed with current fashion trends in mind.
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